Why Choose UWC

Health / Safety & Security

  • Fumigation & Pest Control
  • Housekeeping & Hygiene Services
  • 24 / 7 Security with surveillance system
  • 100% Backup Power Supply
  • Fire Fighting System

Why choose us?

At UWC we pride ourselves on ensuring that we have the best facilities and well knowledgeable employees, systems and equipment to meet your needs.


Word of mouth reputation about the service platform that we provide to our customers is truthfully all you need to know about reliability. Proving that, we have gained reliability from customers. The first thing that comes in mind while choosing UWC is ‘TRUST’.


Effective Customer Response (ECR) and Quick Response (QR) has always been the advantage of UWC to its clients. Interactively handling the customer’s inquiries and resolution for problems is surely UWC’s Just – In – Time approach.


Ease of contact and approachability by the customers makes us available to them as and when required.


Proactively keeping customers informed, rather than waiting for customer inquiries concerning order status, customers have gained trust by our effective communication procedure.


Meeting the customer’s expectations with commitments has achieved credibility by UWC’s valued clients.


Security is what we provide and what you need for peace of mind.


Politeness, friendliness, and respect has always been the qualities of professionalism to all our clients.


Providing competent services to the customers to meet their JUST IN TIME requirements to maintain the view of the entire organization has always been available.


We are what we look like, meeting the expectation of the customers by maintaining the conditions and appearance of facilities, equipment and personnel, succeeding the overall performance.

Customer Knowledge

Recognizing our customer’s requirements and understanding their uniqueness has always been the professional approach by UWC’.

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